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How can I increase blip visibility range on my MTA server?

Narwhal Bacon

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Hello everyone,


I have been trying to make the radar/minimap on my server less lonely. The only things that appear there are the player icons. Nothing Else, unless you are close to something. There goes my issue, is there a way to show all of the available blips in the radar? I don't mind it being crowded. I just need for all of the blips to show on the radar even if we are not close to it. I don't know why the player icons are shown no matter what and the rest are not. So any help is appreciated. I [I AM A COMPLETE NOOB AND DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CODE AT ALL]



I am running a small server, just for my friends and I, nothing special.

MTA 1.5.3

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To create a blip, the server needs a function 'createBlip'. The wiki states;

blip createBlip ( float x, float y, float z [, int icon = 0, int size = 2, int r = 255, int g = 0, int b = 0, int a = 255, int ordering = 0, float visibleDistance = 99999.0, visibleTo = getRootElement( ) ] )


The visible distance is simply how far you can be away from it for it to work. If you want to do it the easy way; search every file (use an editor like notepad++ for this) to add the distance to every blip.

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