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Call/Exports function


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Hi guys


I was looking into:


and I was wondering, for example; you have the function


which works both client and server side with the same name. Will I be able to do the same with exports. Example;


function drawDxStuff ()
  --dx stuff

addEvent("drawDxStuff", true)
addEventHandler("drawDxStuff", getRootElement(), drawDxStuff)


function drawDxStuff()
  triggerClientEvent(source, "drawDxStuff", source) --source would probably be the player calling the function


<export function="drawDxStuff" type="server"/>
<export function="drawDxStuff" type="client"/>


Would this work or will this give an error cause they have the same name or for other reasons?

Kind Regards

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46 minutes ago, Walid said:

function drawDxStuff(player)
    if player and isElement(player) then
        triggerClientEvent(player, "drawDxStuff", player)

Then use this server side


And in the dx stuff part just added (onClientRender) event

I do know how that works, mine is just an analogue example to show you what I mean, I do know i'd need an onClientRender, etc. it could've been GUI as well, just an example.


My question is all about a client OR server sided function which can be called from both client AND server side with the same name 'exported'.

For example (as mentioned before): outputChatBox() which is both Server and Client sided (Shared Function)

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2 hours ago, ViRuZGamiing said:

Would this work or will this give an error cause they have the same name or for other reasons?

Yeah, you can export both functions with the same name as long as the functions are present on both the server and client. I did the same thing on one of my scripts before. Nothing wrong with your example.

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