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Things people are/do that piss you off


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People who take ages at the cashmachine

People (cough*WOMEN*) who drive in the middle of the road and think they need a coach size gap to get past other cars

People who ware dog chains from there belt that go into there pocket

People who try to stare u out

People who goes ott about everything and shouts all the time like they have eaten a bag of sugar

People who are like {TR}Blade

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ok then:

People that tryes to diss others

People that think that they allways have right

People that say one thing then lies

People that is irritating

People that suck my dick

People that is my bitches

People thats in my panties

People that sells drugs to me

People that is in my school

People that works in my school

People that is on the cafeteria in my school

People that have gone to school

People like me somtimes

People that have a computer

People with red pants

People with dirty teeth

People that are white

People that are green

.. i have even more but ill let the rest to you others.

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oh ya wait, People that thinks on their post count in forums allways

People that cant dance

People that are dentist

People that try touching my teeth

People that tryes touch my weener

People that haves no pussy

People that sucks pussy

People that have cat's


People that likes ice cream

People that sold my ice cream

People that have ice cream

People that makes ice cream

People that loves ice cream

People with ice cream

People with 2 ice cream

People that wont share ice cream(shit on them)


size=18]crying babies, kids, kids toys, kids cars, kids moms[/size]

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poeple that say lol or laugh out loud in real life (it did happen)

poeple that talk to me

poeple that smell

Poeple that smell and have to sit beside them on the bus

Poeple that fart on the bus

poeple that try to talk to me on the bus

poeple that want me to take the bus

riding the bus

washing the car

paying for gas for my car

my car

poeple who don't stop at stop signs

poeple who try to speed up to hit me while i'm walking, driving, etc

old poeple driving


and much much more

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I dont know what you classify as a thread thats not stupid I mean really.. comeon..

People who think all threads are stupid if they are not the same redundant topics that haven't been done 10,000 times over or do not relate to their hobby (ex computers, cars).

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People who are trying to be part of a team by spamming on their channel and acting like a kid who knows everything about C++.

And now the less ones:

- Uber satanists

- Uber christians

- Racists

- People who torture animals for fun

- People who use gay smileys

- People who like rainbow colours

- People who call others a n00b

- People who are trying to be funny

- People who are trying to be like me

- The human race itself

- People who are touching me


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people that act black when they are white

people that try to diss you

people that think they are the shit

people that drives SLOW

people that hate dr.pepper

people that act phukkin dumb **COUGH VULGAR COUGH**

people that fucks with your posts

people that have a ds

people that dotn like the psp

people that says mario owns sonic

people that says sonic sucks

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My #1 internet hatred:

People who do stupid internet stuff that has been done to death, and act like what they did is really fun

ex: in a thread like 'Whats your height', someone would certainly say

"ITS 10'10"... oh whoops wrong measurement :lol:"

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