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Mr3000 (for the second time)


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Yep.. finally 3000 posts again (about 1000 deleted posts over the past two years) and actually legit (5.97 ppd, not 18 ppd hahaha). I'm gonna stay here for a little while ;)

A thank you emmy speech is too much so I'll just give props: MTA team, BLASTA, VCP, FMJ, VCK, VCA, FKU, SM, ULK (you guys are funny), DK, and all you other loner foos I've known so long.

Well... heres to being here way too long \:D/:drinking:

PS dont use me as a reason to spam, im legit with 5.97 posts per day, if you wanna be up here you gotta stay here for 2 friggin years, so there.

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Your stats would be amazingly close to mind. Thats neat.

Xerox should be in too, of course his ppd is the l33t3st, like prolly 2ppd ffs :P

If you guys didn't get the 3000 joke, well dont worry. Its only funny if you've seen the movie.

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Yea, good times man, good times. In reality I believe I'm somewhere around 4,000-5,000 sadly for me. Thats alotta wasted time.

Trust me, I got yelled at this time too :P Don't try this at.. the forums kids

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congrats - you past me, and made 3000!

yes Ive made 3000 before and posted about it.... but i should be at 4000 =P

anyway, grats on the feat ransom... the NEW King spammer of MTA

shh shh shh!!

I was expecting some kinda threat and a 'damn you ransom im resetting ur post count :P' from you xerox haha

Yes, let it be known that xerox was the 1st person to ever hit 3000 (soon we will both have hit it twice), but i made 2nd, so uh, theres really nothing to aim for anymore. I don't like 4,000 I like 3,000 :)

Im gonna stay at 3000 for awhile (as you have noticed)

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I think dont think i care what you think ;), 3000 is 3000. PPD is the big deal. Its the one way to have a legit, safe post count. So get off my nuts VCP leaders, you are supposed to back me up :P

When I hit 18 ppd and had 3000 posts.. well yes then I knew I was in big trouble :)

Besides lookin back I like my first posts, they are funny. Reminds me how much I have changed over 2 years. Well no more hater comments plz, praise thread only, not a war thread :)

ps timezones thread owns, look at the praise :)

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