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MTA Solitaire

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Well, it seems as if we were double fooled.

I got the chance to try out this strange "Downtown"-project today, and the small test city, more a village, supports currently only walking characters (but animations though :wink: ) I played with about 10 other people which should not be named but most of them were from the dev team.

They didn't tell me, but i think the developed it for about 2 months or so because it is pretty stable and there are quite a few cool textures already. However this reminds me of playing midtown madness 2.

But it is already more than a 3d chatroom. Because one of these guys really developed a simple multiplayer solitaire in 3d graphics supporting 2 players, which is fully embedded in their client (needs only about 6 MB space currently). However, you can start such solitaire duells only via console commands at the moment :?

I hope you enjoyed my review. I do (I enjoyed the game test today at least). :D

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