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Player Geolocation Tool


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This resource (Player Geolocation) was created by Tails from G&T Mapping.
Check us out on Facebook: https://fb.com/gtmapping

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Player Geolocation is a replacement tool for the MTA:SA default (/whois) function. This tool gives you much more information about a player with an interactive Google Maps feature (see pictures).


Give the resource access to fetchRemote and your server needs to have HTTPS support (MTA:SA 1.5.2).

How do I do that?

Open the admin panel > resources tab > Manage ACL (upper right corner)
under Groups select Admin then Add Object and name it: resource.geolocation
That's it.

How to use it:

/lookup [name or domain name] in e.x. /lookup Jimmy or /lookup google.com

Press escape to close the panel
Press X to toggle the panel


Player Geolocation Tool 1.0

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Thanks all!

On 9/27/2016 at 4:49 PM, hyomin said:

wait does this print actual location? that's a bit scary but if so very useful for blocking spam user.

thanks for sharing with us:)

Because it can :) I always like to play around with APIs, not many people use them in this community.

Expect a Reddit browser coming soon!

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