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[HELP]3D Perspective dxDraw when cursor moves in screen

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Hello everybody.

I saw a video on YouTube a new MTA server comes names called "Drift Paradise".

I see their

and I got eyegasm.

I want to code myself this panel but I don't how to start how to build this code up how to achieve it.

(SORRY FOR MY "not good at all" ENGLISH :( )

Someone could help me to see how it should be made it?

I think need to use:


I would really appreciate if someone would help me... :)

Here is the video if you not found the link in the TEXT:

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First thing to do is to create a texture shader. Just a simple one which will store your interface (dxCreateShader).

Then, you should make a render target (dxCreateRenderTarget) and draw all your interface in it (dxSetRenderTarget)

After that, calculations come in. Your 0;0 position is mid-screen. Specify how hard you want to rotate the shader: like -15 to 15 degrees. Do some math for degrees calculation:

local ox,oy = 0,0 -- We will use it for current offset
	local mx,my = 15,15 -- 15 degrees for x and y position
	local rt = dxCreateRenderTarget(sx,sy,true) --replace sx,sy with the size of the box
	local shader = dxCreateShader(shaderfile) -- replace shaderfile with path to your texture shader
	function updateRotation()
	  -- Draw your interface here
	  dxSetShaderValue(shader,"texture",rt) -- Pass the render target to the shader
	  local px,py = getCursorPosition()
	  ox,oy = (px-0.5)*mx,(py-0.5)*my -- mid screen (0.5) will make 0 for ox,oy values. Others are relative
	  dxSetShaderTransform(shader,ox,oy) -- Here goes your main magic
	  -- And just draw your shader mid-screen here with dxDrawImage
	addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,updateRotation) -- We wanna do it each frame, right?

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