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MTA Top DayZ // BFC Gaming


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MTA Top DayZ // BFC Gaming// bfcgaming.com

New DayZ server is realsed.

We've got an:

1) Cameras System, Added at Area 51 and Naval.

2) Player Tracker, Ca be found at Area 51 Radar.

3) New Login Panel

4) New 3D Speedo-meter

5) Destroyed Vehicles around San Andreas.

6) Got some Camps, will be added more.

7) Phone system, Press "N" or type Phone to use it.

8) Global chat, Press "U" to use it.

9) New Vehicles lights, Let the player to see better in the night.

10) Explosion system, Real explosion.

11) Animation system, Fixed the animations.

12) VIP System,

A) Jetpack

B) Alice backpack

C) MP5, 4 Mags.

D) ToolBox

E) Spawn Sanchez, 1 for per day.

F) Get Binoculars

You can get one of all that in every 5 minutes, if you took MP5 you've to wait 5 minutes to get another thing, but to spawn a Sanchez you have to wait a Day.

13) Full Tent, Full Tent got more tham 40k items in it, patched in Los Santos/ Las Venturas/ San Fierro.

14) Spawned Vehicles, got more than 40 Spawned Vehicles around San Andreas.

15) Groups Bases/ Camps, Get an 5 Members in your group and get a mapped base with gate open/close (10 kb)

16) Guardian Dog, Protect from Zombies.


Server IP:

Server Owner: BFC Gaming Commuinty

HQ Staff Leader skype: elias.shehade3

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