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SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.2 | 24/7 |

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Well I couldn't roll back to 1.5 yet however I fixed a number of remaining issues and stuff

-fixed GUI exploit that lets you spawn as spectator and other flaws

-added custom vehicle images to killmessages resource (needs testing)

-Implemented working gears for F-86 and Me 262 Jets

Next thing to implement is the new damage calculation for the tanks and the custom MGs for Jets. Both already exists so I guess it's ready tonight, after that I reinstall 1.5.2

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-fixed a bunch of small issues (thanks for all testers)

Server will be online for 24 more hours now. Make sure u have latest 1.5.2 nightly installed before you join, i defined a min_mta_version in my script however maybe it doesnt work, havent tested it.

Else you might get giant issues when trying to load huge maps like "Africa" or "Omaha Beach".

original r7981 nightly installer for all lazy or unexperienced people:

https://nightly.multitheftauto.com/mtasa-1.5.2-r ... 160505.exe

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Server still online. Collected and fixed a lot of very small issues and:

-implemented all new vehicles into the inventory/shop system

Mortars still dont work. I work on it. Should be fixed in 10 hours when i return home.

This and 4 other issues still remain. I will release everything as soon as these 5 things are added/fixed.

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Server Closed. I am now working on the release version.

-added a lot of new maps

-added a lot of mini maps for existing maps

-added new impact effects / effects for destroyed vehicles

-added new engine sounds for tanks

-fixed mortars (and any other issues with projectiles in general)

-fixed vehicles stucking in ground in some cases because the ground was not loaded

-fixed sync for spectators

-fixed many, many smaller things

I guess thats it so far, everything is final now except the GUI improvements, tail gunnery system and some missing mini maps.

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I will start a test run on my new, rented server later today :)

-added remaining mini maps

-finished the GUI

-fixed accuracy of some guns

-added reload animation for Bazooka / Panzerschreck

-fixed some small remaining issues

-did a lot, many small things not worth mentioning here

-moved everything to the new server :)

There is still a small bug with the new snipers, it will be fixed someday lol


SAAW: San Andreas At War - World War II | v1.0 | 24/7 |

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This is literally one of the best servers i ever played, unique gamemode, realistic battles, features that will make you feel you're playing a WW2 game not MTA and a shitload of weapons and war machines i really enjoyed it ALOT.. JOIN THIS SERVER PEOPLE!! YOU WONT REGRET IT ITS JUST AMAZING!

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Thanks Wisam :)

-implemented Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer and M10 "Achilles" Tank destroyers (now fully working)

-fixed a HUGE LOAD of very, very small issues (broken headshot icon, wrong killer after dying, gui issues....)

One of the next features will be a Zoom camera for tanks (i hope it works as intended)

If someone has an idea how to easily disable non-aiming weapon fire, feel free to post it here. I can only think of toggleControl dynamically as soon as the player presses / releases his "aim" key.

I tried setWeaponProperty with "flag_aim_no_auto" but this flag literally does nothing^^

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The next small thing to come: Ships.


For testing purposes i just converted a Tribal destroyer from Silent Hunter IV, if the tests are successful i may add a german warship aswell (If i find one that is balanced with the Tribal in terms of firepower).

Planned features:

-4x main turrets with 2x 6 inch cannons

-3x single 40mm Bofors AAA

All turrets have to be manned by one player, that means if you want this ship fully operational, you need at least 8 players:

4x main gunner, 3x AAA gunner, 1x captain (the player who drives the ship)

If a station is unmanned, players will be able to change their position within the ship.

A little complex damage system is planned aswell, that includes destroyable ship parts (chimneys, masts, antennas...) aswell as weapons. If a player controls a turret while its being blown apard, he will die.

Thats it for now, these are the plans.

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Not sure if I'm the only one that got the message but when I got the gui that I need to update MTA and I pressed okay to update it right now I got a message "Update not available, please visit mtasa.com" and wasn't able to update it from MTA. You might want to check that out as it may keep some people from joining your server if they get the same message.

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This should be fixed by now, are you still getting this message? You need the latest nightly to join the server to prevent your pc from crashing after the latest changes (pushed MTA to the limit again lol)

Still the same message when trying to update by joining the server.

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I changed the behaviour, now it recommends you to download the update but you still can join the server if you choose not to do so - however you might experience some crashes tho

People who get this error message should make sure to check the auto updater settings in MTA to "nightly", i guess thats the cause of this. It worked fine for me as i tried to click on "OK to install the update", it doesnt work for others.

And MTA r8022 is available - but its the latest nightly.

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