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I was playing in the TGA stunt server( /shameless plug 8)

and was nitro hopping with the faggio. I leaped over the mall, and headed straight down towards an RC car. I tried to leap out of the faggio and hop into the RC car, kinda like an airgrab. I got into the RC car like an airgrab but the faggio was attached like I was in both vehicles at once. Excitedly I wrote OMG, hitting the shift to capitalize also hit the nitro for the faggio and flew off. Bloodymess13 was in the server too, so he tried to see it on his screen but didn’t see anything weird so he filmed my screen with his digicam. Unfortunately I have no pics of the 2 cars attached. However, I was now controlling the faggio again like usual except my body is still in the RC car. It was strange to see that I was driving a faggio with my character remaining in the RC car. It gets weirder….When I drive the faggio, the RC car with my character moves also. Well, I mess around with that for awhile then I switch to cinematic view, I control the RC car again (probably cuz my character is there , so I ‘m going straight, and the Faggio hits a wall, which makes me fall of the RC car. So, I decide to hop back on to the Faggio. When I push shift to run though I move the faggio like I had a remote control. It was very Bizarre and would love to see if anyone can recreate this glitch. I put together a vid of it, which will show the glitch because I’m sure this description sounds weird. It does have Fraps footage of glitch

http://www.thegamersalliance.com/dynami ... =RC_Glitch

Sry about the 58 mb, tried to compress alot, but this is as good as i could get with decent quality.

Edit: I'd love to hear some comments

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Hahaha :D Nice vid too :P

We so need actual remote control vehicles in mta :)

If you'd of set new controls for left/right/forward/reverse for vehicle only, you could of stood still and drove it properly :lol:

Didn't they say they were going to include remote-controlled ones in Blue via Top Fun vans?

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Nooooooo :)

I mean actual remote control, where you can walk about at the same time. :D

Oh..and Samurai, the rc's seem 'locked' when you try to enter them from a distance, if u walk inside them and press 'F or Enter' it usually does the job :P

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hahaha funny vid, never seen that b4. It may have been smaller if u didn't give it a soundtrack tho m8.

True, i'll do that later on today, after all my classes. Come to think of that would shave off alot considering vdub said audio was about 30-40 mb's lol. :lol: Edit: Tried it, only shaved off a Tiny bit...the digicam audio is locked on there .

Oh..and Samurai, the rc's seem 'locked' when you try to enter them from a distance, if u walk inside them

Thx 8)

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hey guys wondered if use could help in the TGA i uploaded 2 CSS vids to ya site they siad they have been uploaded but i couldent find them on the download section i done this about 3 weeks ago do u know why?

Lookin into it now :wink:

Edit:Its there f00 and next time MSN us or email TGA

/off topic

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