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Suspect of Trainer Usage Fix (hopefully)


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My friend had the problem today which came out of no where,

So i send him my client and it worked.

Now .. i know alot of people here have the same prob so try it out it might work for u.

I upload the official .5 client here :

URL Removed /Proven that does not work\URL Removed

Lol for some reason i got lucky and all my files work , and when i send them to people it works for them too :D ..

Try it out .. this is just a test if it does not work , then .. my bad

also if u still get the message try switching to the opposite game version you have, then switching back to the original and start game.

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This shouldn't fix it... The server checks the exe is identical to everyone elses, so getting someone else's exe shouldn't change anything. Uninstalling and reinstalling has been reported to fix this issue for some people though.


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Does indeed just as a tempory fix though ;)

So if you experience this error then select your version to a DIFFERENT version then back to the version exe you use in the options in the mta 0.5 client and then connect should work perfectly if you are experiencing these issues ;)

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