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Stunt mode rotation and height records.


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turnign framelimiter off == cheating in ym eyes

anyway, damn you gf for beating me

Heh - my frame rate doesn't go above 30fps when I've got anybody else on my screen so I didn't even realise I had it off :lol:

I think I must've put it off to see if it affected the hiccups I have with my game (which it didn't) and forgot to put it back on.

I do find that helicopters only take 3 seconds rather than 15 or even longer to lift off now.

To be honest, my game is so slow when there are 3 or more people on my screen that the increase from having the frame limiter off is far outweighed by the decrease I mostly get. I think the highest frame rate in game I've seen is 45fps and the lowest is 5fps.

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