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Skype contact username: friedonibot

If you are interested in showcase of the mod in real-time, or buying it, add me on Skype.

Gang System:

Gang System allows you to create and join gangs. Gangs have member chat, in which members of the same gang can talk to each other. Members can have different permission levels (higher the level, more permissions in that gang). Players can put their money in the gang's shared bank account. Gangs can also have custom gang tags which are set automatically, and a custom color. Gangs can be displayed in the scoreboard, if you choose.

Price: 15.00 USD (flexible, price can be arranged)







Housing System:

Housing System allows you to create, sell and buy houses and other types of properties. Properties can have income (profit) in certain amount of time, or a loss. Owners can lock their property with or without key. Properties also can have names, which can be changed by their owner. Creation of houses is very easy, thanks to the ability to create predefined interiors.

Price: 13.50 USD (flexible, price can be arranged)







Bounty System:

Bounty System allows you to place a bounty on player you wish to be killed. Other players can see bounties, locate the player and kill him, earning money from the people who placed bounty on the victim. Players with special permissions can place bounties without paying. If the player on who the bounty was placed on leaves before someone kills him, the money will be returned to the people who placed the bounty on him. Players who already placed bounty can increase award with the same command.

Price: 1.50 USD (flexible, price can be arranged)


Additional Info

All of my scripts come with 'exports.txt' documentation, which contains all of the exported function/event names described in high detail. So, basically, if you wish to connect two scripts together, you can.

Other Scripts?

I also take requests. If you want some custom script made, I'll be glad to be hired to do it. Just add me on Skype and we can arrange a price.

These scripts were usually available on my website, but the sales system broke down and now I've decided to sell them manually. I no longer use the scriptmtasupport Skype account, so it cannot be bought there.

Skype contact username: friedonibot

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