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GTA2 Online

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erm, learn to spell...then go away. Vice City is gettin better all the time thanks to MTA.

Maybe even SA later on.

I agree vice city is getting better, but it isn't all thanks to MTA..

MTA team do u thinks its possible that you can make a MTA for gta2 i mean since u can download it for free leagly at the rockstar clasics section.

There already is multiplayer as someone else said, but i think a server list would be great.

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Doesn't the downloaded GTA2 have multiplayer?

Isn't it lobby-based though, rather than "drop-in" like MTA?

Yes it looks quite like an client, only the games have to be planned before, it's also quite annoying when the server host or anyone in the game crashes. The game stops for everybody.

I wish someone could be arsed to do a dedicated server :P

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