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GTA3 & Vice City question: Tommy Vercetti


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I have heard from numerous people that Tommy Vercetti out of vice city is actually the same person in gta3, but older.

I know that gta3 is set in a later time then vice city but I did not know that the main charachter in gta3 was tommy vercetti. (If it is).


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A fantasy? hahaha

No, it just seems logical with the connections being in GTA3, VC, and somewhat GTASA.

VC just happened before GTA3 time and it seems like Tommy would have had a hell raiser son.

Tommy Vercetti

Claude Vercetti

doesnt sound too bad

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If you emailed R* maybe they would tell you.

/me Wonders why Claude doesn't talk in GTA3.

no, because he is mute.

mute = inability to talk, in GTASA, CJ even calls him the "mute" guy.

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If you emailed R* maybe they would tell you.

/me Wonders why Claude doesn't talk in GTA3.

Because R* said that they wanted YOU to be Claude

What the hell are you on about..

I've never heard anything about that, and for a start, why does Tommy.V talk and Claude doesn't?

Why choose us to be Claude and not Tommy.V? :roll:

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If Claude is Tommy's son, then why does Claude become a mute or be born a mute, because there is nothing wrong with Tommy's voice.

And I think that I've heard Claude's voice once in GTA3 when Joey said something to him in a mission video.. Maybe he replied with something like: Alright, because I definetly heard something and thought it was from him.

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now we're talking along the lines of fan fiction :P

gta3 they stuck with no voice simply to put more emphesis on you being the character. but it kind of backfired and made claud look like a wuss because he took crap from everyone without talking back. so they gave tommy a personality and a backbone.

explain it story-wise all you want, but i don't think they ever say that he is literally a mute, just called one because of his disposition.

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silent but deadly

i jsut think they avoided putting a voice into him cause

1) It would require a cool slick voice that everybody would like

2) They would need to put more effort into characterisation of him

3) I think the character is based around YOU being him

GTASA proves its not the same guy. I believe Tommy is his father thou theres no solid proof.

GTASA reveals that the GTA3 guy is Claude, so no more "fido" nickname.

are u talking about the phonecall from Catalina? How can u be sure thats fido, she could be sleeping with another columbian or summin, after all, she does backstab you in gta3 (althou its a long time after)

we cant be sure its fido

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