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Six month bump :P Been a while since you heard from us. Short update then:

- you can now visit the pcp site via http://www.pcpgang.com !w00t! Hit the link and bookmark now!

- lookin for a challange! Any gangs who wanna play clanwars either for fun or for the ultimate challange should contact us asap!

- a lot of movement in the team: check the site for more!

Check the site and forums for more regular info :wink:

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and we havent been adding the results from the last 2-3 months, cos the community is dead, and even tho we do play and win gangwars, we have decided that this aint worth a bother anymore :roll: out of the 10-15 gangwars we have played in this period, we have only lost once :P but like i said, noone cares anymore... this will change with the release of a proper dm for GTA:SA tho :)

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Ye.. Non of the played matches are even offically, its just like, if a clan prefer a quick match, they just hurry so they can move on to an other clan to ask if they're available for a clanwar too, just for fun.. There arent that many things you can still do @ MTAVC :roll:

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