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[REL] Codebugger - Minimalistic debug line

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When you're making a very big project and make a simple mistake, the code fails to work and it may see a huge list of errors spamming your debugstring. This small debugger is made to see errors counter instead of a huge spamlist of those.

The latest version can always be found here: https://github.com/Gallardo994/codebugger

(Licenced under GPL, you must provide sources if you modify the resource)

How to use:

1. Add it as a resource

2. Add command.debug to your ACL

3. /debug

This is far not the final version and more than that, it has been made for several minutes because the original debugscript kept annoying me. Colours can be switched to your needs, same with everything else like lines amount, positioning and more.

Currently it doesn't support many things like wordwrapping, scrolling, etc and I'm not really planning to add that as for now.

It's my first public work and if you're not planning to use it, please don't make a mess in the comments. If you're planning to contribute, you can send your pull requests, that's always welcome.

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Updated the github repo again.


* Added more comments

* Added /debugmode (to add a debug hook to a particular resource) (supports excluded functions)

A little note: this is not really the way I want it to work because it doesn't get serverside functions. It will be remade a little bit later (but may affect server performance)

* Added an option to pause the debug line with F2

* Added a small gap between left side of the screen and the messages (so error counter shows properly)

* Added welcome message

FIXED A TYPO IN THIS COMMIT: https://github.com/Gallardo994/codebugg ... a378dfeb00

Please make sure to redownload it if you got it before seeing this message.

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