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[WIP][SHOW] Apocalypse, in a Car, with Zombies!


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I still need a name for the Gamemode, any suggestions, just write an answer or PM me it, thanks!

i am also looking for people who would test it on my server, just PM me if you are interrested


before i start on telling what we have for now, i am telling you how this all begun,

so, Almost everyone who Played Watch Dogs knows these Minigames:" Digital Trips", where you can experience different cenarios, one of them is a cenario where you drive a Heavily Armored Car and kill "Zombie-like-creatures" to gain points and levels.

I am using this Idea to build a whole new Game mode,

You need to kill zombies ( wich have really low HP ) to gain points, unlock perks for your car, to make it heavier and faster, even attach weapons to it!

now, for everyone who read through this, here are some screenies:


Safe Zone:






Current Features:

Car Selection menu

Points by Driving over Zombies

Login / Register Panel

No Water, Red Sky

Modified Car Handlings for More Mass

Attach Weapons to the Car

Safe Zones


Attach Weapons to the Car

Safe Zones

Sync attached weapons with other clients ( paused because i dont have a f*ing clue )

Simple Tuning Shop

Powerups that Randomly Spawn on the Road

If you want to help me for free, you can contact me via PM

Thanks for Everyone reading this, i'll keep you up to date!

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you Can Add:

- Added Safe Zone (Buy Car, Skin, Weapons and Etc.)

- Selection Skin .

More Very Nice Gamemode :D

Happy !

Thanks for your Suggestions!

By Skin Selection, do you mean playerskins? easy, its just not really needed because those cars are heavy armored anyways ^^

Looks awesome, tested it :)

No bugs that I am aware of!


You tested it, how, it only runs on my private server

Or did some idiot share the IP again?

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Personally I would make the weapons invisible, and move them to where the miniguns on the car model are. And probably use another weapon, the UZI and Tec-9 in GTA:SA arguably has the worst sound effect of all the guns :lol:

The Weapon attaching was just a test, i still need to do syncing and stuff, i will probaly change those positions when i am done with the syncing.

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