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MTA:Blue Max players ?

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More than 32 players is theoretically possible within the game constraints, but practical player counts may never reach that high. At this point (when a testing stage has not yet even been thought of), it is hard to determine what the real max players will actually be.

That being said, we are striving for 32 players, but anything can change at this point. It may turn out to be 10, it may be 50, it could be our target ... who really knows ... time will tell.

P.S. It is Chris McArthur btw.

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how would it be with bandwith if u got so much players 32+? i would be glad for the people that could enjoy such high player limit :) but I myself could never play against such an amout of players.. well maybe for a day or 2 :P then slumbering offline till' i got new bandwith.

but just ignore the bandwith here, i want as high max player limit as possible for u lucky internet users that have flatrate ;)

edit: of course now i wasen't thinking about the connection speed, we still want the dial-up users to stay right?

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the new netcode hasn't been finalized yet, we are still finding more ways to compress data, as it is now, its much more efficient than the previous core, but we aren't going to stop there :-P

the real issue has more to do with the structure of GTA and perhaps some new implementations to the server...

either way we'd rather it be stable with less players than giving people the ability to create an arbitrary number of max players and have stability problems.


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Yes, at the end of the day you have to still think about the number of 56k users that use MTA, as we cant just set the limits too high as 56k users will have a hard time playing, i myself have got DSL (Broadband) and yes i would like a high number of players (32) but just remember that most of the people playing MTA have a 56k connection ;)

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Well, we're not going to "dump" 56K users any time soon, but theres the steam poll at http://www.steampowered.com/status/survey.html which gives a sort of indication of the percentages using each connection speed. As you can see, non broadband users are in short supply:

Unspecified 32,613 8.63 %

14.4 Kbps 295 0.08 %

28.8 Kbps 510 0.14 %

33.6 Kbps 294 0.08 %

56.0 Kbps 7,315 1.94 %

112.0 Kbps 16,579 4.39 %

256.0 Kbps 112,602 29.81 %

768.0 Kbps 98,134 25.98 %

1,024.0 Kbps 109,401 28.96 %

Clearly we aren't steam, and we're not a content delivery platform, but thats a survey of gamers, so it should be fairly accurate.


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