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error U01?



So I got this working (client) mostly, but after a few seconds after launch I get a crash with error U01, multitheft auto has not been installed correctly. I read into the source, https://code.google.com/p/mtasa-blue/so ... 309&r=5309, and it seems to be trying to read some registry entry and it won't read it no matter what I do, what is the entry it is looking for, & is it a HKCU or HKLM entry?

// Get startup directory as saved in the registry by the launcher 
// Used in the Win32 Client only 
SString SharedUtil::GetMTASABaseDir ( void ) 
    static SString strInstallRoot; 
    if ( strInstallRoot.empty () ) 
        strInstallRoot = GetRegistryValue ( "", "Last Run Location" ); 
        if ( strInstallRoot.empty () ) 
            MessageBoxUTF8 ( 0, _("Multi Theft Auto has not been installed properly, please reinstall."), _("Error")+_E("U01"), MB_OK | MB_TOPMOST ); 
            TerminateProcess ( GetCurrentProcess (), 9 ); 
    return strInstallRoot; 

Thanks for any help, reinstalling does not fix the issue.

*Edit* This only happens in the developmental branch 1.5.0-unstable, it works fine in 1.4.1, werid?

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