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The all seeing eye is sherwere!


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For one thing, ASE lets you do a helluva lot in the trial version. All you have to do is click the "No, I'm going to be a bastard for at least a little longer" button every week and you get access to everything except a few features in the player searching and slower refreshing of the scanner.

For another thing, you only have to dish out $10 for a whole goddam year with not only no nag screens, but the abilities to search player names in tons of games, scan and ping hundreds of servers in mere seconds, and maintain a buddy list of all your friends and where they're playing!

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I just want to know why this guy did an entire screen shot for just a small messege box...

Infact, the fact that I don't see your task bar means you DO know sorta what you are doing with screen captures... so why not go a small step further and crop it to show us only what we need?

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There’s worst things in this life than a screen-shot that's too big..

And I really think that paying a small amount, fore ASE isn't one of them.

Think of it as a support for something u like, something u want to keep having around, and something u like to evolve with the future games.

I’m deffo gonna make my copy legal…

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There?s worst things in this life than a screen-shot that's too big..

Really? Thanks for pointing that out.

But using your logic... I can come up to you and cut off your arms. Because, since there are worse things that can happen, you shouldn't complain about it.

So where do you live? ;)

Anyway, the screen shot messed up the format of the page. It bugs me. It doesn't bug you. Good for you.

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