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Player Stats for MTA


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This is the official thread that contains MTA player count stats. As you may know, MTA is still one of the most popular multiplayer games worldwide (it should blend in to the top 10/top 15 of most lists found on the internet.. but old games simply don't get media attention or publicity).. so here are some interesting figures.

Updated: 30/10/2020 08:45am


Statistics (click to enlarge)

Highest: 52,098 concurrent players - 2nd April, 2020


Players online at the same time (always close to 30,000 concurrent players):


Unique players per day:


Unique players per week:


Unique players per month:


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I don't like the idea that MTA is giving information to donators, may I ask what else can they "KNOW" about MTA servers?

They have a full list of transactions made with the donated money, and then they have a full list of graphs with player counts on Multi Theft Auto. That's all they have.

The information given to donators is not important, but might be interesting for donators, whose money is used, to know where the money goes to – and to see if Multi Theft Auto is worth the donation by checking how many players actually play the game they invest their money into. This is basically the same data given to corporations that invest into other companies.

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This thread is not up to date. The last player record was just a few days ago:

Highest: 25728 players - 2016 Jan Sun 31st 17:00

I know it's not up to date, hence why I asked.

That stat sounds great, lovely to see this increasing, would be nice to see this thread update regulary.


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It's kind of asking to much for it to be updated regularly.

What would you do if it was updated regularly?

By regulary I didn't mean it like every day/week or so, but every 3 months a quick update would be nice.

And it's quite nice to see if MTA is still growing or not hence why it would be nice to know the changes.

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Due to the interest, it has been updated once again. There's been immense growth since it was last updated before this (couple of years ago) and MTA still positions itself as one of the most played multiplayer games worldwide (compare to https://store.steampowered.com/stats/ and https://steamcharts.com/, we're definately in the top 15 or 20)

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