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• What is this?

This is my tiny online script store I've been working on past few weeks. It contains the scripts I made and set them on sale, so if someone thinks it'd be a useful addition to his server can buy it. There are not many scripts on the site as I've got couple more in the workshop that are not ready yet and will be up ASAP.

• Payment process and delivery

Note: before purchasing a product, you can test it on my server

Payment is done through PayPal - after the payment is made, the script will be sent to your E-mail address which you should write before completing the payment so I can contact you for possible script updates/issues or whatever.

• Oh I can't trust you dude

Well, sorry, nothing I can do about it. I've been here since 2011 and already done loads of scripts & orders and some old projects of mine are on my community page (they are not the perfect example of my skills since they're outdated and not very well optimized). There is some info about me on the shop if you are interested. I'm a proud SAES clan member (http://saesrpg.net/user/3673-mega9)

• Contact

If you have any questions or even want to order a private script done for you you can contact me on my

Skype: josip_josip_josip

Steam: mega9ffs

Click the hyperlink to instantly add me!

But please: introduce yourself first else I won't accept you

More: viewtopic.php?f=177&t=81630

Refrain from spamming the topic, arguing about anything, insulting and off-topic. If you don't like this or me please get out. :)

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~ Discount ~

Discount of 20% available on all the products in the store using the code: MTA1.5

Click the "Apply promo code" on checkout and type it in for your discount!

I know there are not many things, but I work whenever I can get some time to commit to the store which is not much.

If you do, however, have an idea what could be added, and that it's not a total rip off from another server feel free to suggest it here :)

I already had couple of successful transactions and happy customers. I will always provide support for my paid products, so don't fear what are you gonna do if it doesn't work on your server straight out of the box.

Script store: http://mega9scripts.tictail.com

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Very reliable and skilled scripter, am satisfied with his services. I recommend this..

Also he writes efficiently, and in a good timeframe for the amount of code required - and thus can lend a helping hand if you're short on time scripting yourself.

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