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Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.4 released!


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Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce that MTA:SA 1.4 is now released!

Download 1.4 Windows installer

Download 1.4 Linux server

This release focuses on introducing Object-Oriented Programming and adding localized user interface to the mod. Installer and UI translations for the following languages are included in the package:

English, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian,

Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Thank you to all the servers and clients who have updated to MTA 1.4 before it's final version, lots of bugs have been found and fixed and we appreciate that you have tested our sometimes particularly buggy builds, now we have finally got to a stage where we can consider 1.4 fit for a release version.

The change log below is split into what has been fixed after the start of the 1.4 beta and before the 1.4 beta to show just how much your support has helped us get to this point

Changes in 1.4 beta

Bug fixes:

  • Added sharing of the client file cache between MTA versions
  • Fixed Fatal Error caused by NaNs
  • Fixed Dead peds still being able to drive a vehicle for a few seconds.
  • Fixed peds continuing to fire their weapons after running out of ammo.
  • Fixed GetSoundLevelData outputting an error when the sound has no level data e.g. this section of the sound is very quiet/mute
  • Fixed startup issue caused by bad video mode
  • Fixed Replacing a parachute model crashing your client
  • Fixed Custom melee weapons crashing the client
  • Fixed serverside setElementRotation always returning false when rotating an object
  • Fixed getPlayersInTeam sometimes returning invalid elements
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when spawning vehicles
  • Fixed setObjectBreakable to work with glass
  • Fixed Players doing a driveby being invulnerable to gunfire
  • Fixed driveby animations
  • Fixed Ability to specify mysql connection charset
  • Added blocking of known malicious server scripts
  • Fixed toJSON/fromJSON not handling binary data properly
  • Fixed base64Decode not handling binary data properly
  • Fixed BASS related freeze
  • Added result limit to pregMatch to fix infinite loop possibility
  • Added auto reconnect to internal http server if download error using external
  • Fixed nil/false in Lua to NULL in SQL - Needs testing
  • Fixed setJetpackWeaponEnabled not having have effect for some weapons
  • Fixed startup crash when NVidia 3D is enabled
  • Added support for CFF OpenType fonts with dxCreateFont
  • Added delayed autosave for ban list.
  • Added removal of incompatible compatibility settings.
  • Fixed account data functions being limited to 128 characters
  • Fixed money counting down when changing server
  • Added http_dos_exclude server option to prevent IPs being impacted by dos threshold limits
  • Fixed clientside utfSub not working properly
  • Fixed a clientside HandlingData memory leak
  • Fixed video settings overlapping
  • Fixed fast sprint bug
  • Fixed remote players on teams crashing joining players
  • Fixed Integer data changing when sending it between server and client
  • Fixed not working tab key for scrollpanes and staticimages (to switch between edits and memos)
  • Fixed peds surviving with negative health under certain conditions
  • Fixed nick command sometimes outputting an error when working fine
  • Fixed changing skin resetting vehicle velocity
  • Fixed multiple colshape client events when ped is in a vehicle
  • Fixed a HTTP write crash
  • Fixed setElementModel causing a desync if the model changing element is attached
  • Fixed projectile counter resetting when the local player dies
  • Fixed fire dissapearing when respawning
  • Fixed onClientElementStreamIn triggering twice when entering a vehicle
  • Fixed breakObject not working with glass objects
  • Fixed onClientObjectBreak for glass objects
  • Fixed lack of name in the ban list when you ban a serial
  • Fixed incorrect warning from the server about number of open file handles
  • Fixed crash caused by camera weapon in windowed mode.
  • Fixed setVehicleTaxiLightOn not working for Cabbie
  • Fixed resetting of vehicle handing property 'driveType' and 'engineType'
  • Modified random nick generator to use less memory
  • Fixed visibility of 'Use customized GTA:SA files' setting
  • Fixed onPlayerVoiceStart re-triggering when cancelled
  • Fixed a startup freeze caused by dll conflicts
  • Fixed Custom binds will not save when MTA isnt restarted properly
  • Fixed attachElements with the camera not removing the camera target.
  • Fixed not being able to enter any vehicle after trying to enter a vehicle in water
  • Fixed trains hopping between tracks when being streamed in
  • Fixed some default weapon flags
  • Fixed frozen state desync after a player is respawned
  • Added warning message for server scripts that might be causing a long freeze
  • Fixed Call to non-running client resource (name) [string "?"] to show the actual name
  • Fixed isElementInWater returning false with peds always
  • Fixed crash when changing GUI skin
  • Fixed progress spinner not showing when server is using latency reduction
  • Fixed progress spinner not showing when processing downloaded client files
  • Fixed network trouble message causing WSOD when server is using latency reduction
  • Fixed possible crash when calling setControlState with a ped
  • Sped up engineIsTextureVisible
  • Reduced memory usage for database query results
  • Fixed camera shake staying when changing server after an explosion
  • Fixed engineLoadTXD and engineReplaceModel not closing invalid files
  • Fixed spurious error message with dxDrawImage
  • Fixed Function "setElementVelocity" doesn't work client-side for localPlayer vehicle
  • Fixed train carriages and re-enabled the Brownstreak Carriage (ID: 570)
  • Added SettingHUDMatchAspectRatio, SettingAspectRatio to dxGetStatus
  • Fixed Teams members not being sent to clients if set in onResourceStart
  • Train sync is now using track position, direction, and speed rather than x,y,z and velocities


Changes since 1.4 beta

Bug fixes

  • Updated anti-cheat
  • Fixed Projectiles not hitting the target correctly / bouncing off their target
  • Fixed server crash on unexpected packet
  • Fixed some more causes of vehicle/player freezes
  • Fixed lack of UTF-8 symbols on some Windows dialogs at start
  • Improved handling of duplicate files in meta.xml
  • Fixed file name displayed in error messages for no cache scripts
  • Fixed no cache Lua files running before remaining resource files have been downloaded
  • Fixed Entering a taxi causing visible change in money counter
  • Fixed not being able to enter attached Brown Streak Carriages
  • Fixed freezes and FPS drops when streaming in objects and players at the same time
  • Fixed attachTrailerToVehicle client side with trains possibly freezing the client
  • Fixed Remington with suspensionLowerLimit of 0 breaking the game
  • Limited fx density to sensibile values
  • Added more in depth DFF file checking see https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DFF_error_messages if you have any error messages related to custom models
  • Fixed setVehicleColor error handling.
  • Fixed client crash when using setVehicleColor with invalid element.
  • Fixed client crash when there is error calling exported function
  • Fixed playSound3D not working while spectating another player
  • Fixed custom sirens not syncing properly
  • Changed serverside setElementVelocity to accept objects and weapons
  • Fixed driveby orientation on certain vehicles
  • Fixed another crouch bug
  • Fixed planes stopping in mid air
  • Fixed elements losing velocity when streamed in players fire their weapons
  • Fixed setElementModel setting vehicle move and turn speed to zero
  • Fixed MTA crashing with smoke grenades
    - vehicles will now wait for MTA objects to load
    - after 2 retrys it is considered unfixable and will warp to the middle of the nearest road
    - if a vehicle does fall through it will try respawning at the original spawn position providing it hasn't moved too far from it
    - vehicles will wait for the ground to load before being created
  • Fixed vehicles falling through the map
  • Fixed the train crossing post object (Object ID: 1373)
  • Fixed an issue with createBlip where it would wrap around if used like the wiki example (using 999999 visible to distance) and would therefore set the visible distance to garbage.
  • Fixed clientside weapons not firing when using setWeaponState
  • Increased quality of dx fonts
  • Fixed a crash when destroying effects when they were already destroyed GTA
  • Fixed Desync when calling spawnPlayer from an event handler remotely triggered from within onClientPlayerWasted
  • Increased server side outputChatBox limit to 256 and made it return false if it passes this limit as the client will ignore it.
  • Sped up debug build slightly.
  • Added log files to client crash dumps.
  • Added HTTP allocation server stats.
  • Fixed crash when streaming a towed vehicle in certain circumstances
  • Fixed connecting via command line if gta_sa.exe has already been started


  • Added a function to check if an element is waiting for the ground to load
    - bool isElementWaitingForGroundToLoad ( vehicle/player/ped element )
  • Added a setting to disable tyre smoke to MTA video tab
    - This setting disables tyre smoke when doing burnouts locally and all tyre smoke for remote players as well as disabling boat related splashing
  • Changed serverside setElementVelocity to accept objects and weapons
  • Added OPUS audio file support to MTA
  • setSoundPan now supports player elements

One more thing

  • Do not uninstall 1.3, because the 1.4 client will use files from 1.3 resource cache (if it is there). So you can avoid re-downloading vehicle mods etc

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Holy fu... I mean - oh man... I mean... oh, nevermind. It's just awesome.

In any case - did I good think that the "PlaySFX" function will now be able to play the sounds of vehicles? Because I read on the wiki about this feature and it;s not written there anything that has to do with the vehicles...

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Holy fu... I mean - oh man... I mean... oh, nevermind. It's just awesome.

In any case - did I good think that the "PlaySFX" function will now be able to play the sounds of vehicles? Because I read on the wiki about this feature and it;s not written there anything that has to do with the vehicles...

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/536 ... rowser.zip

If you can find it in that resource it's playable and the resource will give you the code you need to actually do it :)

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Good job! Sadly some planned features didn't make it into this version.

And the downloadFile functions comes about 3 years late, since everyone got his own working solution for this already.

But still, I appreciate this afford.

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