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Creating a /whowas function ?


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I'm creating my own admin system, it all works perfectly so far, I got most of the commands working but I have a problem. I don't want to make use of the 'Admin' group that comes with MTA for multiple reasons (I've set groups for each admin level).

Yet, I was unable to find command.whowas or something similar in ACL. How can I assign this command to another ACL group (other then Admin and Console) ? Or ugh, is there a function/resource that does this ?

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Well, if you check addCommandHandler, you'll see there is an optional argument. It is for whether the specified command is ACL restricted or not. So, you would need to put that into your /whowas command handler. Then, you need to go to your ACL, and enter the command handler you just made in the ACL rights section.

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