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:ampt: Stunting Map Mod (need experienced BETA testers)

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You might find that after reading this, it was a waste of time doing so, but whatever.

I mighta mention it in the Up to D8 Stuff topic that we're making a map mod. Well, I'm kinda bored so I think I'll post you guys some screenies from it. If you think that they're gay and are a waste of time, don't bothering posting so because it wouldn't be helping us or contributing in any way.











We have alot more, but they're at the forums :P


We are actually looking for suggestions, so basically almost any kinds of rails you want in certain places, you can post your suggestions here or at the forums.

The Beta 0.1 was released an hour ago by me on the forums, but only available to the moderators, admins, and Privelaged Members (members who have posted >99 times). There are quite a few bugs and glitched in it right now but those will be fixed.

Version 1.0 will be finished pretty soon and you all will be notified on these or my forums about it

Thanks - - - Andyroososoft

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i'm not exactly saying this is for MTA, although it would be kool to try it out in that. To all people here who really want it and that i know well, i will give them the password to this forum where it is located

http://amptstunting.1.forumer.com/index ... owforum=23

PM me on these forums and I may give you the password. I know lotsa ppl here who deserve to try it out, and many of whom are more experienced than some of the members of :ampt:. I just don't want the beta versions going to ppl, like i said, who don't respect it for how much work was put into it, and won't contribute to the mod.

So ya, DJ, just PM me, or ill PM u right now with the password and the above link.

l8er - - - Andyroososoft

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Wow that little bridge-like piece looks nice. I'm actually looking for a nice bridge piece without a gigantic invisible collision area on one side, that looks interesting. Is it custom?

If not, would you mind telling me the ID tag and/or model name? ;)

I could probably test out your stuff for you a few times. I'll try to talk to ya later. As long as its not MTA modding.

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