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Save Pixelvalues Serverside


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Hi i want to save pixelvalues serverside so everybody has every time the same textures (i need this for my terrain shader. The terrain shader works with a kind of blendtexture so white will replace for sand,red for gras ....).But can i save so much informations serverside? 500x500 texture for each object(6400 objects).I dont know the table limit.So my idea was to save it in a string format.

Is my idea possible or is there a better idea?

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If you are drawing by using a texture to draw on a render target like i replied in your other thread, then you can do so you save the coordinates you are drawing at, and only save each time the new drawing position is far from previous drawing position and is at a different angle than previous frames compared to previous saved coordinates. Doing this will remove redundant data and using only the minimum possible data.

You can then sync with server each second or two and send the data that has accumulated since last syncing.

Then when you send the data to clients, you interpolate between the coordinates to make it smoother.

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