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dxSetPixelColor circel


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So you mean i should use rendertarget and draw a circel on it and give it to the shader?im not a pro in shaders so i dont know which solution is the best.But i need to draw a filled circel.I solve it without sin and cos and use pythagoras.

function draw (radius,x,y,r,g,b) --x,y the position of the player so the sandtex is drawn under the player 
local ox,oy,oz = getElementPosition(obj1) --obj1 is the testterrain on which the shader draws the sandtexture 
nx = (ox+x)*5+250-radius/2 
ny = (oy-y)*5+250-radius/2 
local pixels = dxGetTexturePixels (mapdraw) --mapdraw is the empty texture on which i draw the different colors so the shader can replace the colors for different textures  
for i=0,radius*2,1 do 
local x = -radius+i 
local y = math.sqrt(((radius*radius)-(x*x))) 
for ly=0,y*2,1 do 
dxSetPixelColor (pixels,nx+x, ny+y-ly, r,g,b, 255) 
dxSetTexturePixels (mapdraw, pixels) 

this texture is given to the sahder which replace the white circel with a new sandtexture on a terrain.I hope you understood me :)

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You can change to use a render target that you make transparent, and then when you want to draw a circle, draw an image with a circle in it with smoothed edges/glow (make the edges go from no transparency to full transparency in photoshop or whatever) on the render target. You can then blend using lerp in shader.

Drawing to render target using an image is much faster than using pixel functions.

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