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Help me please with table sorting.

I want to write a custom race event script for play. The idea is clients send their progress like 23/40cp to the server, that adds them into a table, the table gets sorted and then the rankings will shown. Please help me how could i idendify the players and their rank.

the table in server would look like

racers = {somebody = 34,

idk = 12,

racer20 = 20}

then sort racers table and write current ranks.

But you can tell me other variations if you know easier ones.

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You can try by bubble sorting.

Let's say you got a table called racers what holds playerVar = checkpointNumber.

So, moving into code:

racers = { 
     somebody = 10, 
     else = 17, 
     pete = 5, 
     randomPlayerVar = 25, 
for i = 1, #racers do 
     for j = #racers, 1, -1 do -- not sure if this line is ok though 
          if racers[i] < racers[j] then 
               local temp = racers[i] 
               racers[i] = racers[j] 
               racers[j] = temp 

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Do you think im moron? I tried, it does not work in this case.

It does not, because non-numerical indexed tables don't have an order. However, you can organise your table like this:

local racers = { 
  { player = somePlayer, rank = 20 }, -- "somePlayer" would be a player element 
  { player = anotherPlayer, rank = 5 }, -- "anotherPlayer" would be a player element 
  { player = me, rank = 30 }, -- "me" would be a player element 
  { player = cheater, rank = 140 } } -- "cheater" would be a player element 

You can then sort this table:

table.sort (racers, function (a, b) return a.rank > b.rank end) 

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