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Think of something for the Guiness Book of World Records!


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The longest intelligent coversation had with

Biggest artificial Ass in the world

Most fingers severed on purpose

Longest time a Scot can con a Tourist into thinking a Grouse is acctually a Firebreathing Haggis

The most amount of innocent people Admin can kick off the party server in an hour


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most time holding a stick and staring bluntly at a huge nosedrill..

most people holding sticks and staring bluntly at a huge nosedrill while i time them...

longest stick in a stick-holding-nosedrill-bluntly-staring competition....

bluntest stare in a stick-holding-nosedrill-bluntly-staring competition.....

i think im obsseive to holding sticks and staring bluntly at nosedrills

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most spam on a forum - we win

most spammers in a gang - blasta

biggest f**ktards on any forum ever - we got them too

Most kill in mta in a single hour (no crashes) - prolly deathb

Most irrelevant avatar/sig - too many to mention

The list goes on

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- Person that can swim the fastest 2 laps in an olympics sized pool filled with orange juice.

- Strongest newspaper pitching paperboy.

- Loudest crip.... eeeehh rattle challenged rattlesnake with a prosthetic rattle.

- Biggest meal served in a satellite dish.

- Most constipated msg board member :P.

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Sexiest cat - judged by humans

Longest number of words without taking a breath

Longest time in a room of supermodels without an errection

Longest time away from a computer

Most keyboard chars. typed (probably a gazillion)

Most times running into a wall non-stop

Most getting hit by a car

Longest time without a shower

Longest time without washing hands

more to come :)

oh wait one more

naw ah biatch plz yall no it u!!!

Most slaughtered words in a sentence :lol:

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