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moomapper is now open source


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I'd like to see it work with mta to provide more variety in the future and the creator of moomapper has now made it open source since he/she doesn't have time to work on it anymore. Being that it is open source greatly increases the chance of it being able to be compatible with mta and I think mta as a whole will attract more users and keep people playing more if there ar eother maps in the future. I have 3d moddeling skills myself and have played with moomapper but the path editing isn't great and is a major pain in the ass to get new pedestrian/vehicle paths implemented.

moo mapper link for open source version


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bobo.. open source is good because it means (essentially) that anyone can take a look at how it was made and can modify it. And I'm hoping someone with some coding skills out there will get interested in working on it to improve the mapping program.

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it's been open source for a few months at most I think but am hoping someone here with some coding skills can make it run better. I'd also like to see it have some more extension support (maya lightwave & world builder specifically)

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