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annoying MTA thingies

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i am a very happy user of MTA :) i love it alot. but i think there are hundreds of topics saying only "i love mta" so now i tell u why i wrote this thing :)

so, there are a few things that annoy me in mta. the main thingz are:

- door locking. i requested this function since GTA2 everywhere, but not even gta3vc had the ability to lock vehicle doors (it had, but not by a keypress of the user, we needed to write own main.scm). it is very important in single player, but even more important in multiplayer, so please do it somehow.. for example.. err.. L would lock/unlock doors - huh?:)

- stealing helicopters. i usually just fly around in a helicopter and transport ppl who need it in MTA, but there are many people who dont yet know how to enter as a passenger, so they press enter, and steal my heli. this wouldnt be a big problem as they usually give it back, but the problem is that mta puts me on the top of my heli, and the rotors split me in two. that way we can always kill someone by stealing his helicopter... little annoying...

- radar. the radar shows where ppl are. this isnt as good as it sounds, when there's a base, for example diaz's mansion full of clan members. we cant make a silent close-in and attack, because they see us and kill us even if we just speed through Stafish. so it'd be good if for example this thing would only be in stunt mode.. or maybe it wouldbe an option on the server to show/hide the radar.

- clients in loading state. when a player is in a vehicle, and his gta starts loading another island, his vehicle is still affected by the environment and for example falls in water. as i said above, i usually "run an airtaxi company" :), and travel people from place to place. a good example is when i have 3 passengers in my heli (so it is about double its normal heavyness) and go to another island,

my gta starts loading and my helicopter starts falling.

when my gta finishes loading it is again back in air, but if i am flying low, my heli falls into water, and everyone but me dies in the helicopter. i think this problem (and the thing that the client is trying to apply physics to a player, so when someone is speeding in a car other player sees it jumping from meter to meter) should be easyly solved by

locking the player position after updating his coordinates.

in GTA3script, this could be easily done by a "toggle_object_in_moving_list $objectID, 0" command.

or, what would be better, that:

- the server would model everything and apply phisics

- or every client would model his own movement. this way it would be only needed on the clients to do a toggle_object_in_moving_list off on every player excluding themselves.

i think this is all i wanted to say. :) oh.. excluding this: money. money, weapon buying, car respraying (and car buying! :]) is totally disabled in mta, so the only money making opportunity is to run down parking meters and picking the money up, and no way to spend it. i think it would be cool if we would have Pay'n'Sprays, bomb shops and AmmuNations working, and some money making opportunity.

and.. er.. boats, seaplanes..


thank you very much for your patience to read this thing.. if u read it :D

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about locking the car doors: hey its gta! grand theft auto! so imo this shouldnt be implemented...

i deleted the "cheaters" part, the team is aware of the cheaters and is working on cheat protection so plz DONT post here anything as you mentioned

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Just reminded me of something I wanted to ask for some time now (well actually ever since I started playing MTA back in the days of vers .2). It's kinda funny too how this whole "getting jacked" vehicle exiting issue just became so transparent to me that now I just consider it normal.

So now I'm just gonna pretend I'm completely new to MTA and ask anyway: Why when you get jacked you exit the vehicle by being displaced above the driver's seat (with the consequences in the choppers' case known to all of you)? Is it because the "open door, throw driver out" animation is missing? If so, couldn't you just hard code to the client an offset of your own, for example a few feet to the left and not above the vehicle? If not, what triggers this?

Might as well ask this too. Since you decided to create the cop career and give armour only to them, why not have a few more armour pickups just like the case with health ones is; I mean the concept is the same after all. The way things are now, there are only 2 ways to replenish your armour (except for dying of course): getting in the VCPD van for the first time after a spawn and the pickup in the WBPD locker room. So how about it folks?

And one last thing. Why the car changes in vers .3? Boredom? Better yet (since changing the car models around in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing), why take out the Vercetti Mansion white Mav and put a fokn sparrow there? That damn heli sux even more than the Hunter. IMO some cars need to be replaced with faster ones to help ppl get around quicker. I'm not saying that only the fastest sports cars should be there, as others have a distinct personality of their own as well, such and the firetruck, the linerunner, the packer and the very very popular Mr. Whoopie :). But plz get rid of those damned box cars and maybe the securicar too cause they're even worse than walking.

That's all. Hope you consider some of the above, thx for reading.

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about locking the car doors: hey its gta! grand theft auto! so imo this shouldnt be implemented...


hey its GTA! :) it has the ability to lock car doors. you can easyly do it by script. it simulates cars. then why wouldnt it be logical if the player could lock car doors?? and in singleplayer (even bug in liberty city) if a cop gets me out of a car, it WILL bust me. this is a bug, anyhow we look at it - if we exit the car before the cop arrives then it wont bust us. then lets make doors locked, it cant tear us outta car. lol :D

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about the door locking: bad idea, maybe let the player drop out somehwere else than the top of the heli, but doorlocking? nah

why? :) imagine that you are in a car and someone wants to steal it, you can just lock the car doors and go away. if you dont lock them then they throw you out of your car and steal your car. imagine the same thing in gta - where you are a big criminal.. - what can you do?

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about the door locking: bad idea, maybe let the player drop out somehwere else than the top of the heli, but doorlocking? nah

why? :) imagine that you are in a car and someone wants to steal it, you can just lock the car doors and go away. if you dont lock them then they throw you out of your car and steal your car. imagine the same thing in gta - where you are a big criminal.. - what can you do?

well GG,

I think the fact that you are a noncombatant is the reason you want this. What rebel's point was this game is called Grand THEFT Auto You want to make so you can't steal cars? lmao

I don't need to convince you because there is a 0% chance this is going in the game. If it is I am playing that new AtariCombat Tournament I read about.

I also love to helijack people especially when they are trying to helikill people.

I agree with your idea and everyone elses ideas regarding the radar but the flipside of that is that you might be in the city alone or never be able to find victims. I can look at the map and aside from the lamers who pause to leave a crap or eat din din I know who I can kill. Even thou there maybe 12 ppl in the clients you might have only 7 in game.

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what's wrong specialfighter, don't enjoy getting intimate with the heli blades of your own heli now and again harhar, but i'd agree, that bug i'm sure everyone would enjoy being fixed up, but i'd still put the new core ahead of bug fixes (because i'm sure a lot of them would be addressed with the re-write anyway) in priority.

And as for door locking, eh, if i wanted them out of the car, i'm sure a stubby blast might persuade them heh

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how bout' this: while your car is new, you can door lock, but if someone wants your car, they either have to damage it until doors are broke open, or after a certian point the lock "breaks"

i like locking doors in single player (in gta3 w\ that ultimate trainer thingy)

but i think it would be just as nice in multi play, also, how about keys.. anyone remember RUSH: Streets of SF? cuz you used to pick up keys.. if you had that then you could only lock the door the number of times as you have keys.. that would be a bit harder to implement tho.

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You use trainer!

[-X Shame on you!

No need to lock cars, they're there to be stolen (in Vice City, only cops got cutter for locks, you may have noticed :D)

Heli blades are a threat to us all, and that coming out to the blades when jacked should be fixed. It has been talked/written about.

And radar annoys me too, no stealth or anything. It should be made a server option wether or not ppl should be able to see each other in radar.

Another thing making sneaking up someone is that name-and-health-bar that can be seen thru walls.

But MTA's still in beta

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well, yeah :)

have you noticed that if you lock a car door, you cant crack the doors? you can beat it with a hammer or anything but the doors dont fall down until the car explodes :)

thats.. somehow between good & bad :D its realistic that the doorlock doesnt let the door move but after a point it should! :)

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Radar should stay, ONLY if there is somehing like.. 10 people and under in the server, or else it is way too hard to find the other people on such a big map...

If there are more people, then it would be ok, but currently, I like the radar idea. It's equal to everyone, so why should it get taken off?? It helps the newbies find people, and helps the others just have fun and reak havoc :twisted:

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well, my idea of removing the radar was that if you want to find a buddy u ask where's he in the chat. if you want a meeting you just say "meet inside malibu club" or something. if you want to make a big kill fest, you say "for some blood come to malibu club..", etc. clans whose take over a building (most popular is diaz's mansion) as a gang territory, they will usually say "KEEP OUT OF THE MANSION!!! blahblah CLAN ONLY!!" etc. and if someone wants to be alone 4 anyting in the game then he just doesnt tell where he is, etc. :)

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i think when mta gives permit to use own maps online(soon ppl just be patient)

Is that a guaranteed feature (not necessarily in the next version, but a version)?

Also, I've seen lots of suggestions in the forum that have a mixed reaction, much like this one. I think all of them should be made into server options, to have a wide diversity between games on different servers, and also to appeal to those who requested such features.

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yeah server options are needed for a game with so much gamemodes/ideas....

well, i wouldnt expect it in the next 2 releases but heres a lil irc convo:

wait for the new tech, we are working with modders in mind, tho first rls or 2 may not fully support it

but when we could use new textures ppl would say "my car is a dodge viper but its slow as hell, can we mod the handling?"

but we ARE aiming for moddablilty eventually

nice to hear

>Black_Dragon< well u should

even if its faaaaar in the future


* SM|McCoy loves to see Bump's parsimony use of Caps

nah not that far

only been a year to get from gta:am to where we are now

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