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1 year MTA (08/02/2004 @ 15:59 CET) by MTA Team


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  • MTA Team

MTA is celebrating it's first first year. A lot has happend in the past year, and we made a small summary about it on http://1-year.mtavc.com.

On that same site you will find a new movie. This movie shows footage from the past year. Going from GTA3:AM over MTA:VC to GTA3:MTA 0.4.

MTA has come far in the past year. More than 3 milion visitors on the site, and most clients downloaded more then 100 000 times on our site alone. We therefore want to thank the community who has supported us trough the past 12 months. It was not easy and we would not be here without all of you.

I would say : up to the next 12 months, and that there may come a lot of good releases.

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Wow... 3 million people... amazing. I wish that many souls would come chat on MTA's IRC channel to liven it up :)

I found MTA long, long ago when only GTA3 was released, which was about the time of GTA3:MTA 0.2, but then I didn't have a computer good enough to play GTA. When I got a better computer and bought the game, I headed back. At that point MTAVC .1 was being made :D

I'm glad I wasn't around during the early development stages, because I would have been going crazy waiting for the next releases! :D

Congrats MTA team, and nice video

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I was surfing around the net when i heard a "rumor" , that this dude was playing GTA3 online , so i sayid like "no way ..." A couple of weeks passed and the gta3 admin trainer was updated , and i saw that it was really poissible , I have spent some really great times in MTA . And also made a best friends , His name was robert . We meet in MTA and we started the ucf mod , He was my best friend for 2 years , but unfortunately he got killed in a car accident , The last e-mail i got form him was "sup man , ill be on your MTA server this evening , and we'll talk there " . 3 months passed and nothing , then i got an e-mail from his dad talking about the tragety , so basicly i found and lost a friend in a MTA server . well mta din't kill him but thats were i got the notice...

I bet if he was here right now , he would be playing MTA , cause that was his favorite mod...

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damn, i remember a long time ago, i told my friend, "if gta3 was multiplayer, it would be one of the BEST games in the world." later that night i was googling around and raninto gta3:mta 0.2a. i tried it out and even tho all those bugs where there, it kicked ass. ahhh the memories

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Ah I remember in computer science class looking for a gta multiplayer mod and I found gta3:mta 0.2b, I even tried it when i got home and it worked, I was amazed. But when gta3:MTA 0.3 came out,witch was amazing. Then MTA:VC 0.1,0.2,0.2.2 and MTA:VC 0.3r2 Wow.......I can't wait for more releases.

Thanks MTA Team


^actual expression.

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ah, yes I remember the times well...

when the Dev team was unchalanged and just beginning! where the forums were wild! and fierce! When release's were counted in weeks, not months :) Where people like Xerox, and Warlord were alive like no one business,

It's been a long, hard road, and I'm ure there's been some seamen playing this to ... HA! its a penis!

Anyway some of us have a been here a long time (me, xerox iggy pront, lot of the devs) and Ive seen lots of things happen in this community, I've seen irc servers evolve from unorganized op battles agloir to, script bans where nothing happens for hours... Yes, its been interesting and the next 12 months should be just as good.... if not better,

I Remember, with a found heart, Gta3 mta .1 Where the cheats were built in, and encouraged! and .2 cheats wernt built in, but they were said toi help kee the game going smoothly, Yes I remember the days before cheaters, the days where everyone cheated, not to win but to play! twas a good time back then! no gangs, no bad cheaters, hell almost no regulars even :) the good days, yes they were...

Anyway go mta for being a year old!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MTA!!!! :occasion1:

Just wanna say thx for all the fun & new friends you've given me for the past 8 months. I started playing GTA:MTA but never got into the Forums till I started playing MTA:VC and I've been hooked ever since. :D

Also thx to you guys I got back into building Websites and GFX, hell, I never would have got into stunting and Filming/Editing movies if it wasnt for MTA:VC. :mrgreen:

I cant wait to see what you have for us in the future.

"Hooked for Life"

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shit, i remember me and my friend trying to setup gta3 0.1 on a lan and smashing alt+f12 like wild lmao but i knew it can only get better and now look where it is after 12 months, ppl buy gta3/vc only for mta!

no matter who releases another mp mod, i wont leave mta, i cant imagine a funnyier place than #mta or a better forum than this one

thanks to the team and thx to the community :occasion5:

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