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I love crashes!

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3.0 is so fun! Especially the crashes.

They come out of nowhere, when I am driving, when I spawn, even when I kill. It is so exciting, not knowing when the next crash will happen.

I love crashes, and personally, this is the best version yet! Good work MTA team!

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I am getting a crash everytime, I'll tell you when:

When i launch the game, and the game loads, and i get to the character selection screen, i can choose a character and it works. Any character. However, when during game i get shot or killed and I am back at the character selection screen, ANY character i choose this time crashes the game. Yes, I wait a while for everything to load. It happens every time.

Can someone help me?


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how did u figer that out bill

He used the scientific method

Anyways, yea I get crashes all the time, however it only seems to happen when someone has cheats in the server. Its extremely annoying, but not so bad since I can just hit start game, and it does not take long to get back in.

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