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Ideas for a new MTA Gamemode


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Hey there,

Well I believe most of you don't know me and have never heard about me or maybe you have, I'm an MTA player, I started learning scripting in Lua about 3 years ago, when I was around 12 years old, at first I found it kinda' difficult and lame but eventually when my codes started working my interest in scripting started growing and soon I made my own Roleplay Gamemode and launched a server in February 2012 by the name of Arsenic Roleplay. The server peaked around 32 players but then it eventually died and I abandoned the project, this was about 4 months ago.

Now, I've been playing on Root Gaming from a while since I'm kinda' a fan of roleplay and I enjoy playing there with my small group of friends, but tomorrow is my last school examination and I'm gonna be having some free time with me in the upcoming days and basically I want to work on a unique gamemode for MTA, I mean, something that hasn't been made before, I don't want to make a Deathmatch, Race, Demolition Derby, RPG or Roleplay gamemode because there's already a lot of servers related to them with sufficient amount of players and if I just make another server based on one of these gamemodes, I'll just snatch away maybe a quarter of the players from already established servers and this is the reason I wish to make something new and unique that would attract the MTA community and it's players.

So, if anyone of you guys have ever imagined a server with a certain form of gamemode and wished that it existed, post about it here in this thread and I will consider the possibility of it's creation and if it turns out to be something real fun and worth a try, I'll start working on it.



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I see most of the people have their gamemode inspiration from other games.

That only really proves that most concepts have already been turned into games. :mrgreen:

I'm guessing that if you were able to come up with something original, though... this topic wouldn't need to exist, would it? ;)

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