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MTA for Mac?

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Hi, im wondering if MTA is gong to be someday available for Mac users I know this can take a long time so how do I install MTA in my GTASA? a lot of mac users has solved that question but the problem is that my GTA is from AppStore and all the guys that can run MTA in their Macs have a crossed version of GTA. I have tried everything and still I can't run MTA

How do I install MTA in my GTASA?

sorry if i posted the topic in a wrong section I'm new :oops:

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even more close to run it!

when i run mta it says gta_sa.exe has encounter serious problem and needs to close

the problem can be caused by the program or a deficiency in wine and it says that i should check some web pages for more help im very close what im missing?

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Does running gta_sa.exe on it's own function? Have you actually obtained a Windows version of GTASA? The Mac version (and presumably the one on the appstore) doesn't, and will never work with MTASA. Placing a gta_sa.exe in the Mac folder won't work.

As mentioned before, if you have a PC version of GTA San Andreas on your Mac machine, there are methods to get that working.

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