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Cheap VideoCard =?

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HEHE i wish i could make it . When i press The video recording botton , The computer almost frezzes , because the video card is trying not to "burn it" self :D . IT is using too much Hardware acceleration . So it is impossible to make the video . Just think of well... a pc wiht 2 mb of graphic , and 128 ram :shock::D

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Well on my good Videocard . IT load like this for like 1 seconds when starting the game . IF your video card does this for a longtime it is "bad" or needs update . And it is normal when you are running down the street and the texture on the road gets "fuzzy" but it should load up after a couple of seconds .

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IF you want a good video card get this :


IT is the best OF the best 256 megabites of digital image . Bet yours cant beat this :wink: Mine eighther :D This Baby costs $499.00 Dollars :shock: . HEHE when i get a better job ill buy one :D

Here is the link to buy it :


Im wondering how many people are going to click on this link and buy it :wink:

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