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Goths United


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Why do u have

RIP: Keva 14/10/2003

in ur name?

Keva Exited ... TheGreatVirus Entered

Bull shit!!! You knew me on XBOX-SCENE! you stole my sig avatar and Identity! You are so lame Keva it's not even funny! The sig you have is stolen! May you burn in hell for your deeds!!

Also people the idea for this group was also stolen from an idea I came up with a while back on XBOX-SCENE you can find this by searching for Goths United on the XBOX-SCENE forums found here:


Here who keva really is:


Also here is my own information:


Keva is so lame he can't even create his own artwork of original nick name! :evil:

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Ex-Keva never claimed any ownership of "your" artwork , he may have used your signature ,the gang name ,your banner even your name still he never claimed any ownership of the artwork,so because you made this gang or whatever on xbox site makes it yours?Im sure someone tought of the name before you.And if you dont want your artwork to be stolen do NOT put it on the internet its a unsafe place, and things like people stealing others artwork/picture/logo are bound to happen.

*Once again Keva NEVER claimed any ownershipor said he was the artist of the artwork.

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