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Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.3 released!


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  • MTA Team

Our next major version, Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.3 has been in the RC stage for over two weeks, and today we are ready to announce its stable release.

Major highlights of this release:

  • fixes for various network problems which occured in 1.1 and 1.2 series (including a fix for "Map download breaking often on large transfers" issue)
  • added new scripting functions for removal of default GTASA map objects (including breakable ones)
  • introduced a new scripting event - onClientVehicleCollision
  • implemented a new scripting function - takePlayerScreenShot
  • fixes for various crashes and issues (including "warp glitch", inaccurate heat seekers sync, createProjectile() velocity desync between clients, custom models texture crash, "white models" when using custom models and more)
  • added functionality to protect client-side scripts which pre-compiles them before being sent and stops resources from being saved on disk. This is configurable in the resource's meta.xml.
  • added pixel manipulation functionality
  • introduced new client-side scripting functions - setBirdsEnabled and getBirdsEnabled
  • included a new gui skin - Lighter black - contributed by Aibo

You can find other changes here and there (from r3551 upwards).

lighterblack-by-aibo.png gta_sa_2011-03-12_16-47-35-75.png mta-screen_2010-05-26_21-42-23.jpg

As usual, you can download it from our main page. Updated Linux server files are also available.

Take care.

-- MTA Team

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just updated a lag free 1.2 server to 1.3 exactly the same settings and resources an suddenly.....lag...

am i doin something wrong here? gonna go back to 1.2 for the time being hope an update in the future helps

Nah 1.3 has terrific lags problem.. with 1.2 I can't download maps, and with 1.3 I keep getting random disconnections and massive lags.

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Calm down, guys. It's not that simple to fix the lag, since networking is a very hard task (I've been working in 4 scripting languages by about 6 years, I recently started trying to make my own networking system for a videogame and I suck hard lol).

Just wait for the right update.

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