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One or two small ideas


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1)Might be to powerfull.

2)there is no animation for "passengers to shoot out of the car in game, but it can be made(personal opnion)

3)they can do this i think, but the doubt to put it in is that the weapons might be too "good".

4) no it doesnt have to be that hard it would acually just be like the normal cars.

(all are personal opinions and in no way to be taken as sure answers, but i do spend a lot of time on irc and on forums and playing so i have experience.)

Edited After being pointed out by IceDude that i was confused with the hunter.

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Xen: The hunter is not the maverick, the maverick is the police heli, and the one available from the mansion.

The passenger shoot out of car anim could just be the driveby anim

Here are some more ideas:

  • skimmer has the bombs that were used in the RC Baron mission and can be dropped with fire
    Limited number of miniguns, rocket launchers & sniper rifles in the game (as in, they only re-appear if theyre left lying on the ground for too long after someone died)
    Name tags only appear when the player is in direct sight (not behind a building)
    Health is only shown for your own team
    giving all the players the camera in their inventory and taking screenshots with that instead of F12

Heres a few more characters that could be put in:

  • Soldier: Team Game, has armour and machine gun, Enemy = Vercetti Gang
    Vercetti Gang: Team Game, have machine gun and fast cars, Enemy = Soldier
    Ninja: Free for all, has katana & armour, Enemy = All

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Ninja: Free for all, has katana & armour, Enemy = All

with free 4 all u mean DM or a loner?ah i guess u mean just a do-what-u-feel-like-mode,y not adding a ninja to team-DM? loner style hehehe... :twisted:

now thats what i've always wanted but as far as v know: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?s=1a ... try1244231

creating new player models 4 vc is not possible, v hope this will change soon :D

i hope some1 contradicts me,would b too great if anybody found a solution :|

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