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Jeve presents: Old time VC stuntmovie


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Created a new stunt-video and tried to pick up a theme that no1 has used yet. Hope you like it. No mods, no cheats and no viagra used in this movie.

Download it

(if someone knows the url tell me too)


Someone please host that for me :)


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/me waves back at Jeve

thanks for the greets ;p

but on a more serious note. i liked it that you made something original, though the white flashes were a bit annoying.. i think it would've been better if you'd used the "Older" effect in WMM2, instead of "Oldest".

and i have to agree with Gussi a bit there. it is still just movie after movie with a WMM2 effect. though it's better than most basic stuntvids (at least you did something to give it a new spin), i still think there could've been done a lot more with it.

and about the stunts.. well, there were a few real nice ones, but also a few that didnt really seem stunts to me.

overall i'd give it a 7, cause of the originality and perfect appropiate music ;-p

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