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[TUT] How to get the MySQL module working on Debian6.0 64bit

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How to get the MySQL module working on Debian 6.0 64bit

EDIT: Download available again

Introduction and Thanks to MaddDogg:

Before trying to run MTA 1.0.X on a 64bit Debian system ensure that you have read and done this:

Thanks to MaddDogg for the great tutorial.

It is possible to run MTA 1.0.5 with the 32bit emulator on a 64bit Debian Squeeze system by my own experience.

Since several users had problems running the MTA MySQL module by ryden I decided to make this small tutorial as extension to the one made by MaddDogg.


You need a 64bit Debian Squeeze (6.0) system with a 32bit emulator and basic knowledge of linux systems. If you've read MaddDogg's tutorial you will know what I mean. It is required to have the MySQL module by ryden in the "modules" folder and added to the mtaserver.conf. You also need a SFTP protocol supporting FTP program to upload those files (FileZilla).

The Problem:

People that have a linux system with 64bit Debian Squeeze and the 32bit emulator aren't able to run the MySQL module by ryden. This is the the error message written into the server logs when the server starts.

MODULE: Unable to find modules/mtamysql.so (libmysqlclient.so.15: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)! 

This means that the MySQL module is looking for a library (libmysqlclient.so.15) that does not exist in our system. As I started to search for that file in my system I found a pretty similar file called "libmysqlclient.so.16" in /usr/lib. That means ryden's module is looking for an old library that does not exist anymore in Debian Squeeze. To solve this problem we need the 32bit library from a Debian Lenny (5.0) system. Fortunately I still had a 32bit Debian Lenny (5.0) VPS running so I could find that file easily.

Uploading the Files:

First of all I am sorry that I didn't find a way to download the file via SSH to your server. Instead we will use the SFTP protocoll. First of all ensure that you have a user with full access to the system files on your system (default user is: root). Now open your FTP program (in this case FileZilla) and type in:

Server: <Your server IP> 
User: root (if you didn't disable the root login) 
Password: <Your password> 
Port: 22 

Now you are logged in into your root server via SFTP protocoll and you are able to move/edit/upload/download/delete files. After that browse the the directory /usr/lib32 on your server that contains all 32bit libraries.

After that you have to download the following file to your PC:

http://www.2shared.com/file/mklzX0am/li ... entso.html

This is the old 32bit library that is needed in order to run the MySQL module by ryden. Now simply upload the downloaded file by using your FTP program to the /usr/lib32 folder (FileZilla: Right click then "Upload").

Running the server

After you've done everything just start your server in known manner and the MySQL module should work properly.


If you find any mistakes in this tutorial or you still have problems then please let me know.



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