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There is *SOMETHING*...

It's an old topic (1 month ago) but I want to explain why people leave MTA.

Well, many people're saying last time "Oh I'm bored of MTA".

That people play MTA SA 24 hours, without stoping and without playing another thing!

I'm bored of MTA, I'll play COD2

Yeh, that guy was playing 24 hours a game, now he is bored of that game and he will be bored of COD2 too.

I play MTA, and I think it's just a nice game modification, and I play it when I'm bored, not always...

MTA is a past time for us not a religion ninja.gif.

I agree 100% with him, that's the reason why MTA people always get boring.

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MTA is actually fun :P, I don't think you joined all those 1.000 servers on MTA, try to find a good one! I recommend those Death-match servers, they're very fun!

True, i hardly play any mta servers nowadays. i need to get unbanned from my fav server lol.

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