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stuck at credits, how to join game?

Guest poseyjmac

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first, im really confused in the file section on what i should download. there is MTA, then there is mta vc. so that means mta is gta3? anyway i got that. i started my own dedicated server, joined it, then got into gta3, start new game, and it puts me at credits, and i dont know what to do, i disconnected the server soon after. and found out someone from the internet connected and said hey whats up.

so what im asking is, how do i get into the game first, and how do i make it so people from the internet can't join? thanks

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Well for one thing, you should have chosen which files to download based upon which version of GTA you were playing. Obviously MTA: VC is not going to work for GTA3, and the same thing applies to the reverse. Now if you are planning on running your own server you are going to have to get either the linux or win32 server files. Depending upon your situation, you may also want to grab the admin panel and/or the server config tool. That's all you should need to get everything running at your desired settings. Toy with it for awhile, and if worse comes to worse refer to the FAQ or search around the forum a bit for previous threads which might help you come to a solution to your problem on your own.

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