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Hey ! This is my new map. I cant say its the final version, because I need to solve a rotation probleme in it and it will be possible to fix it with MTA 1.1, fix the size of the txd also, maybe.

It use the magnet wheels script and you can enabled/disabled it with a bindkey.

video :

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nice modelling, nice textures, too bad i will be much more ugly without ENB..

and well, this is kidna boring, at least for me. it's nice, but nothing more :(

much more hugly without ENB, no, not this map.

if its boooring for you, you will like probably more the race sakina ... =} realistic race with custom models

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v. 1.0 is now released for Public guyz

Download link : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OXSJC6I0

I cant upload it to the community, file is too large and I dont want to remove the music, because people ask me what is the name of the song and its nice in a map (music).

If admins want to put it on community, the description is :

custom race map made with my tube kit 1.0 additionaly theres a magnet wheels script you can enabled disabled it in the map with the bindkey

+ other fun scripts like music in the map...

map can be played in the mr. green race server only for now.

I will release my tube kit 1.0 + other objects soon with resource that let's you use them in the MTA map editor and in your maps. :fadein:

Video :

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Just reupload. And if people care they can reupload to other sites.

My suggestion is: copy your map to Dropbox's Public folder. Later, just get the link of that file and copy it here ;)

And if you don't have Dropbox, install it, it's a great tool for backups and file sharing.

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