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:idea: I was playing MTA v0.2 over a LAN at my friends house. Obviously, the first thing we tried was to crash into eachother, but we just crashed the game....of course...... BUT THEN we downloaded a trainer (the GTA3 Ultimate Trainer v3.5 to be exact which you can D/L at http://nl.mirrors.gtaskins.com/xs4all/Ultimate_Trainer_3.5.zip) and pushed Shift+5 after we got a game started. (pushing Shift+5 make the car very heavy or "Solid Granet"). We then could crash into each other all we wanted!!!! I even got out of my car and was walking, and my friend hit me!, even though he couldnt see me. well, i dunno if this will help anyone, but it is FUN AS HELL!!!!!!! 8)8)8)
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