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New Gang in Town only accepting Inter-Expert no begginers


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Wassssuppp. new gang in town called the Digital Radio Gang Bangers our tag is

[DR] at the end of our name so if u see us rippin u up in ur server u better run biznack..

following members:














if you wish to join e-mail HighMR..we are only accepting a couple more people and if ur a begginer to MTA then dont even bother e-mailing us..

If your another clan who wants to challenge the Digital Radio Gang Bangers then e-mail highmr as well and we'll arrange a date and time to show off.. we also have our own server.. port 2003.. feel free to come drop by

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Hell yeah, and btw thats a top of the line server not some scrub cable/dsl shit...

prepare to die, east coast DR be comin to yo hood and rapin yo biznatches

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Lol VC killaz??.. lmao here lemme rename that VC Cock Suckign Thrilazz is what u should be called

fucking with the DR GangBangers will get u fucking killed.. if VC has balls then accept our challenge for a fucking Turf War on our server... if not.. then i guesse you guys should change ur anme to VC Cock Sucking Thrillazzz..

regards HighMR and the DR Gang Bangers

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what are you like 11?!?! I think that my boys talents would be wasted on people like you. Shit, the K been around for a while little man and we'll be around long after this gang becomes a fleeting memory. guess I aint gonna play nice anymore. think he just sore cause we was the first VC gang and we'll be the last one standing.

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you say what am i 11?... the point of MTA is to KILL eachother GANG wars... not fucking haveing Gang Allies u moron.. as for VC we assure u the match will be good.. and if u wana set it up tonite then lets do it we have enough men and a server we can password... come talk to me in irc.multitheftauto.com my name on there is highmr[dr].. ill be waiting for ur pm.. please talk to me on irc..

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Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2003 5:31 am Post subject: hahahaha

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2003 5:34 am Post subject: waiting....

uh... loose the tough form of speech. this is a FORUM, not reality.

ever heard about respact between gangs? ever rivle ones? so heres an update: there is a thing like that! so please! stop the crap!

I would like to do this war thing but its not in my athority.

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gta forums have some great idea on gangs and the likes. all blasta members have read this page. sorry for blatently ripping ideas from those forums btw - its just that they are good.

more rules....

:arrow: Respect all other gangs, even if you are in a war with them... respect is everything!!!

:arrow: Members must be active, and organised (BLASTA is an exception cause its not a real gang ;-P )

:arrow: Keep names original (no copying)

:arrow: No moaning about not being recruited

:idea: I dont know what the deal will be with official/unoffical gangs etc, or wether we will bother with this

:arrow: Dont flame full stop unless you have the cred to back it up!!!

:arrow: Dont spy on other gangs! (the blasta policy means that blasta will probably never be in an official war, so any blasta info is worthless spam :twisted: )

:arrow: Dont spam (edit)

:arrow: Keep members under control, follow the rules, if members dont kick em.

:arrow: Get a concept going, sigs, postions etc etc

read the rest there - its good.

My refrences i ripped from

http://www.gtaforums.com/ib/ikonboard.c ... 19;t=79823

http://www.gtaforums.com/ib/ikonboard.c ... 21;t=85197

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