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Variables on different scripts.


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I have:

scriptone.lua - server side

scripttwo.lua - client side

In server side script "scriptone.lua" i created variable

a = 5

How to know what "a" is equal in client side script "scripttwo.lua" ?

I mean, how to move variables through all same resource scripts ?

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It's easy to get them in another server-side script. Synching client-side though can pretty much only be done with triggerClientEvent/triggerServerEvent or setElementData. (imagine the bandwidth usage if every single var that has changed was synched :P)

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its true, but i think this is not what he meant. it sounds much more like he wanted to know if two separate resources can share cvariables... which would be CHAOS :P

SO: Serverside global variables can be reached within this single resource, no matter if you used two different files in your resource, but wont be existing in other resources.

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