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Poker, SP or MP ?


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I'm currently working on a Texas Hold'em reource, I'm at the point where I need to think about adding AI to the mix or should I keep it just for actuall players ?

I'd just like your opinions as to if AI would be a good thing or not so I can add it now or not.

Also I think the limit right now would be four total players but when I fix the stupid GUI bugs I keep creating then I may be able to add upto eight at a time, the design of the GUI is far from finsihed.

So opinions please if you have them, the player limit is also up for debate or whatever you want to add, it's all good after all you are the guys who will be playing it.

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Slowly, the AI will be a bugger as I've been thinking alot about it but I've done some of the GUI and deal/shuffle code just to get going.


Ignore the duel screen crap, had paint open in the other one but the left sides of the shots are the ingame GUI. You and three bots for now, I'll put the game logic in this weekend so you can start one and bet, be dealt cards etc (basic play), the AI will come after that.

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