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Blackscreen when starting CTF Map


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I just finished my first CTF Map and (since the testing mode of the map editor currently doesn't work) i've tried to test the map via "host game", the problem is that when i try to start the map with /votemap i only get black screen and nothing happens. D: (the default ctf maps do work normaly)

This it was written in the console:

[05:52:50] Map vote started by SATANAS_ABRAXAS.

Map vote started by SATANAS_ABRAXAS.

[05:52:51] SATANAS_ABRAXAS voted 1 (Chinatown Wars)

[05:52:51] Vote ended! [Chinatown Wars]

[05:52:51] Stopping ctf-sewer Vote ended!

[05:52:51] WARNING: ctf.lua: Bad 'element' pointer @ 'setElementData'(1) - Line: 50

[05:52:51] WARNING: ctf.lua: Bad 'element' pointer @ 'setElementData'(1) - Line: 50

[05:52:51] ERROR: mapmanager: map resource could not be started.

[06:00:42] WARNING: ctf.lua: Bad 'element' pointer @ 'getElementsByType'(2) - Line: 216

[06:00:42] ERROR: ...Andreas/server/mods/deathmatch/resources/ctf/ctf.lua:220: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got boolean)

Any ideas?

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that means the latest version of MTADM MTA:SA 1.0 has a working map editor now?

you mean if they've fixed the save/open and testing-mode bug? no... im currently using an older version.

ps.found another bug in the editor -> after clicking one of the placed flags , im automaticly switching into the cursor mode and both menus disapear.

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ive reported that, anything to do with CTF is buggy, when you place flags and team spawns, you can reselect all you want

UNTIL you save and go back, if you do that, when you click on the spawns or flags again all menu's disappear and the current view is stuck and you have to disconnected >_>

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